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How do you make like Meghan Markle and stand strong when you face loud and opposing opinions on how you *should be* raising your child? Meghan and Harry have broken many a protocol since bringing royal baby Archie into the world, from not using the royal family’s preferred hospital to Harry holding Archie at a (delayed) press call. No-one is telling them how to raise a prince, not even the queen! How About You? How can you get the same support from your family when your ideas about parenting differ from theirs? How you can avoid endless confrontations and feuds? How can you stand strong when their feelings rock you and you face indecision and uncertainty about your parenting style? Hand in Hand Parenting can seem very different to an older generation, and even younger friends and family that find mainstream parenting practices successful for them. So, how can we show the differences in a positive light without alienating anyone? Listen to this episode and find out how to own your parenting when your family wants to rule over you. Why your parenting ideas rub moms and mom-in-laws up the wrong way and how you can ease this One easy […]
Elle confesses that she really sucks at setting limits with her kids – and together she and Abigail suss out ways to make rules, boundaries and enforcing them a whole lot easier. Join us this week if you’ve ever battled with yourself about when to set limits, or found that whenever you do set limits your kids just don’t seem to listen. Listen to the podcast this week and learn Top 3 reasons why limit setting is failing you Ways you can reframe what it means to set limits Why backchat isn’t all bad Why determining what matters for you and your family really helps you set limits more effectively. If you want to stop yelling and start setting calm limits, or you are sick of your buttons and boundaries getting pushed, join us for this podcast. More Resources for Setting Limits with your Kids Discover Hand in Hand’s 3-Step Approach to Setting Limits in this free ebook Take our online Setting Limits class and get proven tools to set healthy limits that fosters closeness and cooperation in your family. Sign up here, or register for the Hand in Hand Parent Club and get this class free with your membership. […]
We know we love our kids, but that doesn’t stop them being hard to like sometimes. This podcast is for you if you ever wondered how you were going to get through the next few hours with your kids close by. We talk about how we get to the point where the dread feels real and we share things you can do when parenting feels this hard. Listen to What To Do When You Aren’t So Psyched To See Your Kids and Find the hidden power in giving in to a bad day Get play ideas and ideas for when play seems just too hard Learn how to hold off on constant control and mommy managing Why it’s vital to have your own time to whine and tantrum sometimes We also wanted to take a moment to thank you for being here and seeking ways for happier days with your family – you are amazing for all the caring you do. More Resources For Help for Hard Times in Parenting This is the Listening Partnerships online class we mention. Don’t forget you can get it for 25% off when you join the Hand in Hand Parent Club. Stay Connected We’d love […]
You know about setting warm limits: Moving in calmly when you need to stop a behavior, but what happens when it feels like there is no chance to keep calm? Like, your child is about to stick their finger in the power socket. Or dashes out across a busy street. Then how do you set a warm limit then? On the podcast this week, we talk about the Hard No. And why no is hard! When no means no – and those times you aren’t even sure your no needs to be hard. Discover how Abigail handles a hard – and fast – no when there is no doubt a quick, firm limit needs to be set. How to evaluate if a no needs to be hard. What happens when your no is hard and then you realise it doesn’t need to be. Join us this week for Setting Limits: The Hard No, and figure out how to stay firm and keep cool. For more resources on Setting Limits, try these: Do you know what or why you are setting a limit? It can really help to know. Here’s four limits kids need and why to set them. Read Abigail’s […]