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About Us

Our focus is to give you the best individual and group training experience in the community. Our instructors want to help you conquer your personal goals and set you up for success in life.

We offer training in a range of styles for people of all ages and experiences, helping them reach their fullest potential and become the best that they can be.

Our goal is simple and never changes: to give you the best martial arts training, in whatever style fits you, for the best price. We will instill the core values and life skills such as respect, discipline, self-esteem, self-control, mental focus, agility and fitness into all of our students.

Not only will you receive a physical boost from participating in our exciting classes but you will also be educated in the philosophy of martial arts, as well as develop positive life skills that will help you conquer any obstacle that comes your way.

We can get you onto the mat and into your very first class for FREE. Come see for yourself why we are the largest and most successful Judo Academy in the Southeast!

34972 Old LA Hwy 16
Denham Springs, La. 70706

10249 S. John Young Pkwy, Suite 111
Orlando, FL 32837


Other Locations

The Wall to Wall Martial Arts Judo training method is also offered in the following affiliated locations:
DiBenedettos Karate-JiuJitsu
Hammond, LA
Livingston Karate & Judo
Livingston, LA
Chandler MMA
Chandler, AZ

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What People Are Saying

  • Sensei Steve Scott

    James, There is no doubt-absolutely no doubt-that you have one of the best Judo clubs in the United States. I've been in Judo full-time for 52 years and have travelled to many, many Judo clubs and have not seen such a technically sound and innovative program ever. What I most like is that there is room in your club for everyone. Your club offers a place for anyone who wants to do Judo and you continually prove that Judo is first and foremost an excellent form of physical education, a fantastic vehicle for character development, a tool for self defense and an outlet for people who wish to pursue Judo as a competitive sport (especially in Freestyle Judo). I am honored that you and Patty, as well as all of your great coaching staff and club members are part of our AAU Freestyle Judo program. Keep doing what you are doing!

  • Melissa King Marter

    My family has been part of the dojo for more than 10 years. The passion Senseis James and Patty have for the art is remarkable. We enjoy spending time at tournaments with them, learning from them, and spreading the word on this amazing business. Anyone who practices an art here or attends a fitness class is going to receive top notch service.