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Yes! You Can Playlisten When your Child is Upset

Your child grabs the one extra cookie you said he wasn’t allowed…

What do you do?

Or your daughter whines the minute she sees you pull out peanut butter for her toast…

Or, when your son hears that his sister is having a sleepover he yells that you’re a mean mom…and that you have wrinkles!

Yes he did.

To Play or Not to Play…That is the Question

Would you, could you playfully parent in these situations, or would you Staylisten to your child’s upset?

A lot of parents ask us when to play and when to stay and we answer in the podcast this week:

When to play and when to stay…

When can you play and then stay…

And why would you stay then play…

Ok, we’ll stop with the rhyming now and get down to business.

Listen to Yes! You can Playlisten when your child is upset. We’re talking:

  • Discover the signals children use to tell you play is ok today or that it’s better to stay…
  • Playful parenting ideas you can use when storm clouds are just brewing
  • How to move from Staylistening into play
  • How to decide if you are Staylistening too much when you could be playing instead
  • And why play isn’t a substitute for Staylistening and why we can’t replace tears with laughter

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