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Now that the Hand in Hand podcast is on hiatus, are you wondering where to get parenting support direct to your eats? You’re invited to join Abigail during the hiatus for her Mother Flipping Awesome podcast where she does a deep dive with one mama in each show. And you get to listen in. #mindflip #parentingtransformed source
This week: Handling Halloween Using the Hand in Hand Tools So, your kids are fighting over the Halloween candy stash, and their sugar highs (and begging for more) send your blood pressure soaring. Maybe you have a child who is scarred by scare season’s ghosts and ghouls – or simply refuses to be a part of the festivities. Have no fear! Elle and Abigail show you how to handle common Halloween howls using the Hand in Hand tools. Settle back with your pumpkin latte and get tricks you can use to make Halloween the family-centred treat you deserve. Take a sneak peek into this week’s podcast: Why Halloween can bring out the worst in our kids What happens to a child’s brain when they are melting down and how you can respond in a way that reaches and nurtures Which Hand in Hand tools are most useful for handling the Halloween howls Abigail’s genius route to peaceful resolutions when two or more kids are going at it How to play your way out of scare season fear and even anger Listen now! Get more great resources for handling Halloween with calm and confidence: For kids that are scared or fearful: How […]
Happy 100! This week – for our 100th episode – we turned the microphone over to you all. And we are SO excited to share this episode. You’ll hear just what led parents to the Hand in Hand podcast, the breathtaking transformations you have seen happen in your parenting, and the different ways you all use the podcast from week to week. We’re thrilled and humbled by the community that has gathered since we started the Hand in Hand Parenting podcast two years ago! This Week We Listen To Your Voices Take a listen and see if you hear yourself! There’s comments that’ll make you laugh, comments that’ll have you nodding your head in agreement, and comments that will surely tug at your heartstrings. But at the centre of it all is immense caring, movement and community. And it’s so powerful! Your good work is a force for change. You’re telling us how your perspectives are shifting, and with them, your struggles. We hear how you are becoming more playful with your kids and more understanding. You are embracing being the parents you knew you could be. Triple yee-haa! We wanted to thank you so much for being with us […]
Where were you two years ago in parenting? Sometimes we get so caught up in the present-day challenges we forget to look back and see the progress we’ve made.  And we should!  A week before the 100th episode of the Hand in Hand Parenting Podcast,  Elle and Abigail do just that, with an affectionate look back over the last two years they’ve been making the podcast. Abigail talks about how her kids have adopted, rely on, and now take ownership of the tools, and Elle recalls the sleeping and eating challenges they’ve overcome, plus how emotionally aware her kids are since the tools have become a regular feature of family life. Now, your turn! Here’s why we need to look back sometimes… This episode serves as a reminder of all the miraculous change and good you are doing now and can expect more of in the future. Listen this week and then scan back over your own milestones, challenges and successes and drink in how far you’ve come.  How many can you chalk up? Listen to So, How Far Have Your Come in Your Parenting? Come celebrate the amazing work you are doing as parents.  More support for your parenting […]
  Your heart sinks as you join the long line of people snaking the aisle at the grocery store. Your baby is already making those noises she makes when she wants you to hold her, and there are about 15 minutes until she needs feeding. You are pretty sure this line will take double that. How did this happen? You tried to get out to the store all day, but between your friend dropping in, the late nap, and your toddler refusing to get on his shoes you arrived late. (There’s 15 playful ideas for getting out the house here).  Now, he’s begging for snacks, your baby’s cries are escalating and this line doesn’t seem to be moving. You pull your baby out of the cart and land her on your hips and she quiets for a few minutes. But with about three people ahead of you, she’s screaming again. She’s late for her feed. You notice your son has dumped a few fistfuls of candy bars into the cart, and he wails as your dump them back out. The baby cries harder, and you quickly unbutton your shirt so she can feed, you can pay, and you can all […]
So, today we’re talking about the less sunny side of parenting. And when we say less sunny, we really mean those dark, never-ending winter-like days that are bleak, lonely and cold. They hurt. Some of us live in denial of these days – and it’s easy to see why. In a world of social media where every picture seems to radiate warmth and snuggly good feeling, saying your experience is any different can open doors to shame and judgment. Even when we admit it, it’s often as whispers while we’re alone. “I want to walk out on parenting,” is not something you’d usually proclaim at your mom and toddler group. If you wanted to keep going, anyways. But today we’re plummeting those depths in honor of us and in honor of you, because if you have no place else (and we sincerely hope you do – listen to suggestions in the podcast) this should be a safe space. You all are working so hard at being kind, calm parents – and everyone needs a space to rage. On the podcast this week, we’re shedding light on: Why parenting gets so hard At least three things you can try when things […]
Powerful ways To Solve Your child’s sleep issues using the Hand in Hand Tools Your kid is going crazy about taking a bath. Just won’t. You wrangle and wrestle. It’s nearly bedtime after all. You are sooo close! Then when you finally make it to the bedroom, your child refuses to put on pyjamas. Then requests a drink. And then another. Doesn’t want to brush their teeth. Needs a certain toy who, yes, you guessed it, is missing.  Will sleep ever come? Finally, your child makes it under the covers but as you go to turn off the light, your child screams, “No!” I’m scared of the dark.” “Mama. Don’t go.” Should You Stay or Should You Go? And you are left with the question, do you stay or will you go? (Or at least try?) We called this podcast powerful ways to solve your child’s sleep issues because, oh boy, if there was ever a parenting challenge made to test, it’s this.  The end of the day.  Alone time insight.  A moments peace or a chance to rest yourself.  Sleep looms bright in our minds.  But so many times looms dark for our kids.  Why Do Some Kids Just […]