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Why are we parents so scared of disappointing our kids?

Are you shy of disappointing your kids?

Over the last few episodes, Abigail and Elle have been decoding emotional projects – in part one we looked at noticing behaviors which signal an emotional project, and in part two we spoke about when and how to work on an emotional project using the Hand in Hand tools.

Why it’s OK to Disappoint Our Kids

For the last part in this series, we’re taking a look at how disappointment is linked to the emotional project, why we, as parents, are so scared of disappointing our kids and why disappointment is both unavoidable and a totally acceptable part of parenting.

If you ever fund yourself torn about saying no to your child or have a hard time setting boundaries with them, listen in as we discuss the plus side of disappointing our kids, it’s role in building resilience and – despite all the odds – closeness.

Listen to Why Are We Parents so Scared to Disappoint our Kids? and find out why when we disappoint our kids – and support them through it – we can impart some useful life lessons.

Find out:

  • Why parents will always disappoint their kids
  • How to reframe disappointment from a negative to a positive
  • How we can support kids as they feel disappointment

More Resources About Kids and Disappointment

This post demonstrates how Hand in Hand Instructor Anca Deaconu supported her son through a disappointment Handling Child Disappointments

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