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How to Superboost your Parent Support Today

The baby woke at 4am.

His brother just 45 minutes later.

Since then you’ve been puked on, drawn on, and changed three diapers. You burnt a bagel and your kid tipped his cereal over in a rage. Now the baby is screaming because he’s hungry and your son is pulling at your pants leg because he wants to play.

Oh yeah. And it’s only 7.53am.

Who you gonna call?

Ghostbuster’s won’t help. But there is someone else. A special person who will let you scream about how bad your morning has been, and gently tell you they understand. Who will nod sympathetically and not judge you when you say that you are Just.Too.Tired.To.Play!

Who will laugh with you when you admit, embarrassingly, that you just wanted to fling that dumped out cereal bowl across the living room, pick up your bag and walk out of there forever. (Or at least just until you’d had a mani-pedi/shopping binge/peace and quiet.)

If you know Hand in Hand Parenting then you know that when the going gets tough we call…a listening partner.

There’s no other place that offers quite the same level of support, care and nurturing when you are at the end of your rope with parenting. It eases exhaustion, lightens the mental load and makes room for more energy and enjoyment with your kids.

But are you using your listening time to the max?

This week Abigail shares a powerful story about how listening rescued her when she hit rock bottom in parenting, and her and Elle discuss the ways you can boost your listening time to make it even more empowering, supportive and freeing.

And if you haven’t started a listening partnership, don’t worry! There’s plenty in the podcast for you – and some downloads below!

On How to Superboost Your Parent Support, you’ll find:

  • Why making time honors your self-care and enhances the work and care you pour into your family
  • The times a light clearing out of your feelings can be useful versus times to probe deeper
  • Three ways to get more from your listening time and really boost your well-being
  • Still journaling? That’s great – but why haven’t you started listening? Overcoming the obstacles and actually getting started with Listening Time

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