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Lying: Why Children Lie And Ways to Respond

Have you ever?

  • Watched as your child did something and then immediately blame someone else?
  • Heard, “I have no homework,” from your child and then discovered it stuffed at the bottom of her school bag?
  • Had a parent come to you and congratulate you on your new car / your child’s new triumph in soccer or trombone / or to wish you well on an upcoming trip – none of which you know anything about?

This week on the podcast Abigail and Elle are looking at the lies our kids tell and why.

And we discuss practical strategies you can use when you discover your child in a lie – that don’t rely on punishment.

Join us this week on the podcast and discover:

  • Why lies are so commonly misunderstood
  • Asking and answering the question: Should I ignore lying or insist on the truth or something in between
  • Ways to help a child that lies without using punishment
  • How to find lightness in the lies

Listen now to Children Lying: Why Children Lie And Ways to Respond

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Get this eBook How Children’s Emotions Work to find out how lying can be a call for extra connection

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