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How to Respond to Your Kid’s Mistakes in a Way You Can Be Proud Of

Do you know how bad your child feels when they mess up?

They may look angry. They may look amused. They may show bravado.

But in every kid that messes up is a pit of shame, sadness, confusion and doubt about their own self-worth.

How do we know? Because aren’t those the exact same feelings we adults feel when we mess up – when we really look inside?

And we parents often heap on that shame.

You get into blame and guilt, lectures and stand-offs. Just the way you were treated when you were little.

If you want to avoid the stand-offs, forced apologies, shame and humiliation we experienced when we messed up, we need new tools and new responses.

This week we share three ways to respond that will actually build trust and empathy with your child – whether mistakes are big or small!

Discover 3 Responses You Can Use To Build Trust and Avoid Shame

On this week’s podcast, we’re talking mistakes – when you make them and when your kid makes them. Listen in for:

  • Why confrontation and blame only builds kids shame and self-loathing
  • Why empathy isn’t a soft response when it comes to mistakes
  • Why sharing your own mistakes maybe the best thing you can do when your child messes up
  • Three different approaches you can use to build trust when your child messes up (or feels like they have)
  • How to show your child that mistakes can be teachable moments

When mistakes happen in your house, these tools and ideas will guide and support your child and boost trust.

Join us this week for How to Respond to Your Kid’s Mistakes in a Way You Can Be Proud Of


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