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6 Signs Your Child Will Be an Entrepreneur.

In South Korea, the first birthday of a child is a very special event: It’s where the Doljabi ceremony takes place. Traditionally, this predicts the child’s future with a strong emphasis on his or her career path. The specifics of the ceremony can be modified, but it’s important to include a diverse mix of Doljabi items. Whatever item the child grabs first from a plate indicates their future career, for example a paintbrush means they’ll be an artist, a magnifying glass a scientist, or won (money) means they’ll make a lot of money.

Obviously, the parents really encourage their child to choose whatever they consider the “best” Doljabi item, which is often money, books (to become a scholar) or other serious pursuits. While today the ceremony is mostly just for tradition and a bit of fun, the South Koreans are really making a showcase over something every parent wonders about. What will your child be when they grow up?

You don’t need a Doljabi ceremony to figure out the tell tale signs that your child may be made to be an entrepreneur. Here are six signs you might want to encourage that path.


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